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Though research ascertains that both genders value the same components from a relationship, one of the biggest differences between sexes lies in the type of strategy deployed for mate selection.

While men desire an attractive, young woman who can go head-to-head with Michelle Dugger in the fertility ring, women choose mates based on emotional stability, ambition, intelligence—and the ability to genetically and financially invest in their offspring.

I think they've copied the formula right – you wander around school, meet women, date them, take them to the prom, play mini-games, etc.

The dialogue seems funny, from what I saw at the Konami event, and all in all it seems like a decent game design.

On the other hand, Alizé is perfectly comfortable relying on her undeniable sex appeal to get what she wants.By clicking 'Sign me up' I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the privacy policy and terms of use.Free e Book offer available to NEW US subscribers only.To take it a step further, perhaps pick-up lines evolved from an evolutionary advantage—an advantage attached to humor.The late literary genius and polemicist-provocateur Christopher Hitchens once proffered that wit is an unfailing sign of intelligence.

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