Wireless network validating identity message xp wireless stuck on validating identity

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Wireless network validating identity message

- Make certain your wireless card is enabled and that the antenna isn't turned off if it's built in - You need to be logged into Windows using an account with administrative privileges Steps to follow: - Click Before you begin, ensure that you have an Air Port card or a Wireless Network card that is supported by your Macintosh.Please see Apple Airport Support for more information on supported devices.Steps to follow: - To connect to the Concordia University wireless network on your i Phone, open the : Network name: Concordia University Security setting: WPA2 Enterprise Username: My Concordia netname Password: My Concordia password - After correctly entering your netname and password, you will be prompted to accept an certificate.- Once the certificate has been accepted, you will be brought back to the Wi-Fi screen and Concordia University should have a checkmark next to it.If you already have a profile and the settings are correct, do not create a new one.- Under the user profiles menu, select the [ ] button, then select - The name of the network should be Concordia University - In the username and password fields, type your netname and password (same as My Concordia portal) - Optional: If you wish to be prompted for your password each time you log in, ensure the The protocol used to secure Concordia’s wireless network is not supported on early versions of the i Phone Operating System.To verify your connection go to the Wi Fi pull down menu This document describes the procedure used for connecting systems using Apple’s Os X Snow Leopard (10.6) to the Concordia University Wireless network using the PEAP and WPA2 protocols.The instructions here may not work on earlier versions of OS X (i.e., 10.4, 10.5) and may vary depending on your configuration.

For further information, please visit the Apple website.

Steps to follow: While there are other methods to connect to the network, we’d suggest you create a User Profile with the settings below stored in it.

This will allow you to automatically connect to the network wherever it is available.

This process should occur when you first log onto the network, but may happen earlier.

The steps for certificate acceptance are found at the end of this document.

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Concordia University provides wireless networking for all of its currently active faculty, staff, and registered students.

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