Wii dating sim games

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Wii dating sim games

It’s a chaste romance, but probably still the closest the two will ever get to actually dating. Since half the gameplay involves the main character trying to flirt with hot mech-fighting girls, it has to be considered an important part of the Wii’s romance genre.

Forget Varla the stripper, this game is really about the bromance between Agent “G” and Isaac Washington, who, like many action heroes before them, are far closer to each other than to any sexy woman who crosses their paths.

The Wii version lacks Create-a-Style in game and also lacks ages like Toddlers which can not be playable.

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Unlike other versions, the Wii version has Regional lockout.

The Sims 3 for console has been criticized for being too expensive with the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions costing and the Wii costing compared with Windows and Mac OS X costing .

It also shows the newly-added features, such as 'Karma Powers' and many features exclusive to the Wii version, such as a skate park, swimming, surfing, the surf shack, weather, and direct control of Sims movement.

Player reception has been mixed and some gaming sites gave it medium ratings, many players have said that the game is very glitchy.

A young boy, alone in a post-apocalyptic world, catches a glimpse of a beautiful young girl.But nothing is so effective at distracting boys from machines as a girl in a skimpy dress. The game tells us that waiting for the right person to come along isn't important just for you but for everything that ever happens from then on.is the one that comes closest to explicitly making Zelda and Link into a couple, or at least two teenagers who like to gaze longingly at one another. This game offers a strange form of romance, being half dating sim and half mech combat.The jobs and social systems seemed like they didn't require enough input and were repetitive though, and there was less and less voice acting as I went on, just text, and the voice acting besides Troy Baker wasn't very good, the teen girl characters sounded like they were voiced by women over 30 years old trying fake high pitched anime girl voices, and the dungeon grinding became too repetitive. I'm at the point where a female character gets taken into the TV world and you have to go through 7 levels of the dungeon to rescue her. I've also tried the beginning of AR Tonelica Melody of Elemia.So far I feel the writing, voice acting, and especially music is better than Persona 4, but the combat system at least in Elemia is boring so far and too easy, and the world is not grabbing me as much as the Persona 4 setup around people getting sucked into the TV world if they kiss in front of it or something, I forget now, but it subconsciously it really captured my imagination combining like the symbol of teen romance or kissing at midnight with this mystery of what's going on.

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Create Sims with unique personalities, fulfill their desires, and control their lives within a living neighborhood that you can customize.

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