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However, Casey, who worked at the centre, decided to look after him and set up the Montana Grizzly Encounter, near Yellowstone National Park, America.Grizzly bears are renowned for being extremely dangerous but after spending the last seven years together the pair have forged a close and trusting relationship."Now I owe him for introducing me to my wife and he was best man at my wedding - he really has changed my life."With other bears he plays rough but I'm not scared of him because when I wrestle him he knows he needs to be a lot more gentle.Lewis admits he wasn’t thrilled with either of the man’s restaurant choices, but kept his mouth shut. He needs to fall in love first before he realizes how I really am. Pushing the rules further, he went on to discuss a “hypothetical” scenario, asking his listeners how to handle a situation when “you’re hanging out and the dog keeps jumping up.” “This is where I have to be really careful,” Lewis says.“This is a slippery slope for me and I have a boundary to respect.” His guest, actress Missi Pyle, asks Lewis where they were when this dog situation occurred.

She is seeking damages for unlawful recording, invasion of privacy and fraud.

Missi's costume for Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy was designed by Debra Mc Guire.

Missi appeared in As Good As It Gets, for which Maurice La Marche recorded voicework.

For their third date, Lewis says the chiropractor asked if he could pick the place so that he could pick up the check.

“I’m like, ok, but I just know he’s going to f— this up,” Lewis said on Tuesday. “I don’t want him to know yet how high maintenance I really am. But right now, I am fake Jeff.” “I don’t want to be high maintenance pain in the a— Jeff because that’s going to scare him off,” Lewis continues. I don’t want to be an asshole and it’s emasculating.” RELATED: Gage Edward Allegedly Accuses Ex Jeff Lewis of ‘Harassment’ Intended to ‘Destroy My Character’ Lewis claims that he and the chiropractor had a “great date” and have a fourth meeting scheduled for Sunday.

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He told his listeners that one of the boundaries set forth by the chiropractor is that he isn’t allowed to discuss specifics of their dates on the radio.

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