While label dating

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While label dating

That's where I think communication is key— not letting the label drive the dynamics of the relationship."If you take things as they are, you'll have a better time.

Of course, you may want to eventually shoot higher with your relationships than "accepting things as they are," but if things are already good... Want more of Bustle's Sex and Relationships coverage?

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You know how when something falls in your lap, like free tickets to a baseball game, you're like, oh shit! But when you pay for tickets, you're like, "Nosebleed section? Also I wanted Yankees not Mets." Labeling kind of works like that; it bumps you to the next expectation level, and with expectations come disappointments.

My guy friend is a fan of labels generally ("Honestly, I think it is a good idea because it prevents people from waffling and wasting their time."), but thinks you shouldn't touch the subject until about three months in. You don't have the information to apply a label."You could start off super attracted to someone, but realize after a month that you're not compatible enough to boyfriend-up (but maybe want to keep them as a friend with benefits).

You provide your brand, website design and marketing.When you're label-less, you can take a few days off from someone, realize you miss them, and get back to hanging out without any hurt feelings or unnecessary waves.Calling someone your boo and starting to shut off other options right away can make you a little too invested in something that might not be the best fit for you. You label something, and you now have an image or images which may or may not reflect reality.The calendar date provides consumers with information on the estimated period of time for which the product will be of best quality and to help the store determine how long to display the product for sale.“Closed Dating” is a code that consists of a series of letters and/or numbers applied by manufacturers to identify the date and time of production.

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I say this with confidence, because in my worst, must unstable, unhappy disappointing entanglements, I was DYING to label the relationship and lock things down. When you're not worried somebody's interested in other people or going to disappear on you, labeling what you're doing doesn't feel super-urgent.

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