Updating to plesk 9 Jasminchatt gratis

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=============================================================================== This wizard will guide you through the installation or upgrade process. Before installing or upgrading Parallels products, be sure to back up your data. On Linux systems, you can upgrade all Plesk installations at the same time by running a script that copies and simultaneously runs the Installer utility on a number of servers.See the script examples in the section Upgrade Script Examples (Linux). (*) Parallels Plesk 12.0.18 (Stable) (currently installed) N) Go to the next page; P) Go to the previous page; Q) Cancel installing To select a version, type the respective number; Select an action [N]: If you call the script without any parameters, only micro updates and additional components are applied.

Let’s rename it to something easier and tweak the execution permissions: ./plesk-installer Welcome to the Parallels Installation and Upgrade Wizard!

It’s a powerful little tool which can also be used to add or remove components from the current Plesk installation, or to install Plesk on a barebones server.

As of 2017 the link can be found here: If you click the option “Download Plesk installer for Linux”, you’ll see the actual script open in a new browser tab.

Learn more in the Administrator's Guide, section Plesk Updates and Upgrades.

Learn how to manually upgrade Plesk in the section Manual Upgrade.

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