Updating openoffice in lenny Sex dating no upgrades

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Updating openoffice in lenny

For the greatest reliability of the upgrade process, you may wish to remove third-party packages from your system before you begin upgrading.

This procedure also assumes your system has been updated to the latest point release of etch.

For that reason it makes sense to ensure that you will be able to recover if your system should fail to reboot or, for remotely managed systems, fail to bring up networking.

If you are upgrading remotely via an link it is highly recommended that you take the necessary precautions to be able to access the server through a remote serial terminal.

[x] Firefox/Iceweasel [ ] Opera [ ] Flash Player [ ] File Zilla [ ] Thunderbird/Icedove [x] Evolution [ ] a Mule [x] Transmission Bit Torrent Client [ ] Azureus/Vuze [x] Pidgin [ ] Skype [ ] Google Earth [ ] Xchat IRC[ ] Amarok [ ] Audacity [ ] Banshee [ ] MPlayer [x] Rhythmbox Music Player [ ] gtk Pod [ ] XMMS [ ] dvd::rip [ ] Kino [x] Sound Juicer CD Extractor [ ] VLC Media Player [ ] Real Player [x] Totem [ ] Xine [ ] Brasero [ ] K3B [ ] Multimedia-Codecs So some applications are already on the system.

NTFS read-/write support is enabled by default on Debian Lenny.

The main things you'll want to back up are the contents of directory. parts of the Mozilla suite, and the GNOME and KDE desktop environments) are known to overwrite existing user settings with new defaults when a new version of the application is first started by a user.

As a precaution, you may want to make a backup of the hidden files and directories (“”) in users' home directories.

Regardless of the method used for upgrading, it is recommended that you check the status of all packages first, and verify that all packages are in an upgradable state.

We suggest that before upgrading you also read the information in Chapter 5, Issues to be aware of for lenny.

That chapter covers potential issues not directly related to the upgrade process but which could still be important to know about before you begin.

Basic things to check are: presence of correct device files in will quit the debug shell and continue the boot process at the point it failed.

Of course you will also need to fix the underlying problem and regenerate the initrd so the next boot won't fail again.

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to install onto the initramfs only those modules that are required for the particular hardware that it is being run on.

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