Updating hp media smart server dating nt ru

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Updating hp media smart server

Now that a lot of us have WHS2011 running, whose who have a HP Media Smart Server are asking what to do with their now old machines.So without further ado, those of you with a Media Smart can now install WHS2011 on it courtesy of ex HP employee Alex Kuretz of Media Smart In addition to what other Linux/BSD based NAS distributions give you, Amahi has easy remote access with automatic dynamic DNS updates, drive extender functionality with greyhole, and one click install add-ins via their “don’t call it an App Store” repository.

So make sure you only have the hard drive you want plugged in.

The system will finish the HDA configuration and reboot into the final usable state.

If you are not using an HP Media Smart Server or want to keep your HDA in the desktop you just installed on, you do not need to follow the below steps.

If you’re looking for an upgrade, but don’t want to lose the functionality you have now, the open source project Amahi may be the perfect solution for you.

Amahi is a Linux distribution built on Fedora (an Ubuntu based system is in the works) that makes setting up a home NAS easy.

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Make sure you have a backup before you start the installation, and if you have enough spare hard drives you should keep your existing NAS in tact in case something goes horribly wrong for you.