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If the message is still shown, the network may be crowded. Use the Job Information screen to check for the file where the problem occurred. The original's blank side might have been scanned, when using the Blank Page Detect function. For details about determining the cause of blank pages, see "Scan Settings", Scanner Reference.

The memory device is full and scan data cannot be saved.

In many cases the manufacturers' codes are biased by a fixed value to avoid overlap of codes used by different manufacturers.

If you see an error code returned by the fax board in the Copia Facts low-level trace, you may not be able to find it directly in the list below.

For example, an error message indicating that a DCN command has been received usually means that the remote fax machine has told Copia Facts to disconnect the line.

The entries below marked with an asterisk (83, 86, 88, 129, 186, 187) are an exception and can be changed to an outcome class which is retried.

Visit Stack Exchange On Windows 10: 1- Go to the Control Panel 2- Press on Programs and Features 3- Open Turn Windows features on or off 4- Check the box SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support 5- Install it and then restart your pc.

Presuming this is Scan-to-Folder, the credentials saved on the copier are likely out of date, usually because the account used has had a password change. Status/Print].” Answer: You must choose connect Port SSL :465 , NO port 25 Default it will ok .

For non-ISDN lines T.30 defines four timers, T1, T2, T3 and T5, which are used at various stages of sending the fax.

T1 is a timer of 35 ±5 seconds which begins on entering Phase B, the pre-message procedure for identifying and selecting the required fax facilities.

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SMR file (which you can find at COPIA\FAXFACTS\CF8. For post-process operations, the outcome codes listed below are available in system variable OC_CODE, and the description is available in OC_DESC.

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