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Updating bd p1400

The remote control is the standard, baton-style one that Samsung includes with most of its A/V products; it has a relatively narrow face and smallish buttons.Its primary playback control buttons glow in the dark and have some unique tactile features, such as raised nubs to help with navigation in dimly lit environments.Clouds and white shirts are a good place to look for clipped white detail, since these objects will appear more homogeneous and less detailed when clipping occurs.During testing, the BD-P1400 delivered a pleasing picture containing a full range of visual response with both high-definition and upconverted standard-definition sources. Because it lacks videophile-grade processing for problematic titles, its skill at upconverting regular DVD videos to HD resolution is average at best.Even Samsung's very first Blu-ray player, the BD-P1000, was slightly faster.With a fixed selection of six titles from my Blu-ray library the BD-P1400's average load time per disc was 61 seconds, while competitors such as Sony's Play Station 3, the Panasonic DMP-BD30, and the company's own BD-UP5000 averaged 33, 41, and 46 seconds, respectively.Also, if you're looking for a player that supports the latest BD features such as picture-in-picture or online content, you should look elsewhere.

By contrast, the Samsung BD-UP5000 features an HQV-based video processor that offers superior performance when playing this type of content.This helps with easy online software updates, which are necessary to get the best Blu-ray experience.That said, the BD-P1400 is a bit slow when it comes to loading some of the latest BD movies.Only the Samsung BD-UP5000 was faster here, at 14 seconds.The Sony BDP-S300, on the other hand, makes you wait a lengthy 47 seconds before you can insert a disc.

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HD-compatible video terminals located on the back of the player include HDMI and component video outputs.

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