Twins dating one guy

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Some nights, Kath looks better and I’m just like, “Alright, tonight’s your night” and vice-versa.

” And I then send off my twin for her glorious date as me. With identical twins, you’re never going to look exactly the same.

For example, if one mother smoked throughout her life and the other didn't, both babies could receive the same gene, but the gene could express and influence the baby very differently.

Interestingly, the occurrence of identical twins marrying identical twins may not be so uncommon.

A couple of identical couples recently doubled up for life.

Identical twins Brittany and Briana Deane first met identical twins Josh and Jeremy Salyers last August at The Twins Day Festival in Ohio, according to ABC News.

” *Guy stutters awkwardly, walks begrudgingly to bar and proceeds to order Kath a drink* You’re welcome Katherine.

We’ve also spent plenty of time thinking about the source of all this intrigue: What is it, exactly, that people find so fascinating about twins?

We’ve pondered the question separately — Barbara in her research as a psychologist, Amanda in her writing — and discussed it together, and over time, we’ve landed on a working theory: Twins indulge the fantasy that it’s truly possible to have another half. As psychotherapist Vivienne Lewin, author of , “the idealization of the twin relationship is based on essential internal loneliness.” We all want to find someone who understands us intimately, and who better than someone you’ve known since before you were born?

These slight differences can also influence how similar the babies would be to one another."Environment doesn't affect which genes [babies] get from their parents," Almasy said.

But the environment in which the parents grew up could change how an inherited gene is expressed ― in other words, how it turned off and on, she added.

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The double Deane-Salyers weddings raise a question: If one set of identical twins marries another set of identical twins, how genetically similar would their children be?

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