Transition house dating violence intervention program dion phaneuf still dating

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We know domestic violence can affect children and youth differently than adults.Elementary education is a tremendous boon to helping young people stem the cycle of violence as it plays out in various parts of their personal lives.Transition services should stem from the individual youth’s needs and strengths, ensuring that planning takes into account his or her interests, preferences, and desires for the future.

Elementary students, of course, are not alone in needing support to navigate the waters of socialization.In addition, young leaders tend to be more involved in their communities, and have lower dropout rates than their peers.Youth leaders also show considerable benefits for their communities, providing valuable insight into the needs and interests of young people Statistics reflecting the number of youth suffering from mental health, substance abuse, and co-occurring disorders highlight the necessity for schools, families, support staff, and communities to work together to develop targeted, coordinated, and comprehensive transition plans for young people with a history of mental health needs and/or substance abuse.For more information on SPAN’s violence prevention work in grades K-8, contact the K-8 Violence Prevention Educator by email or call 303.449.8623.The overall goal for the youth violence prevention education program at SPAN is: The Peers Building Justice Program (PBJ) program expressly solicits and is dependent on involvement of youth from underrepresented communities to build collective power in order to combat violence and promote justice.

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