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The dating lady

This includes introductions and responses to questions on her hobbies and interests, for example.Whenever a response or question piques her interest, she would then take it from there to further develop the relationship.In a bid to find someone, she claims to have diligently assessed over 20,000 dating app profiles over a span of three and a half years.That works out to slightly over 5,700 profiles a year, or at least 15 a day — certainly doable, but requires an impressive amount of self-discipline.Currently, S is in a happy, long-term relationship with someone she met on an app. Which is great for S, considering her history of endless swiping and slew of dates, both successful and unsuccessful.Talking to S made me think about the lengths I would go to just to search for a partner. Having been through several rather serious relationships, I certainly am not averse to the idea of marriage.

The data does not provide further breakdowns on the proportion of those who are married or single, but the fact of the data is that there are far more female university graduates than male university graduates aged 25 to 34. Well, what about those who are willing to date non-university graduates, or willing to date men younger than 25 or older than 35?And apparently, this view isn’t really out of the ordinary.According to a Marriage and Parenthood Survey conducted in 2017, 83 per cent of singles in Singapore aged 21 to 35 years old intended to get married.Nothing seemed particularly meaningful or worth it.For someone like me who can hardly be bothered to download a dating app now, let alone start and sustain (sigh) conversations with people, I wonder if S’s approach to dating is sustainable.

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A portion of her day is dedicated to the endeavour of viewing profiles and starting conversations, she told me. She acknowledged this, but also offered a solution in the form of “templates of interaction”.

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  1. Ideally, the event culminates with time allowed for open networking, either for talking to individuals you did not get to talk to, or seeking out someone who you met during the event and continuing the conversation.