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Just took delivery of my new Smart Controller (about 2 hrs ago). Hi, we're sorry to know about the problem that you've encountered during the firmware upgrade.Connected to my wifi no problem and was alerted to new firmware update for the controller. I would like to ask what was the firmware version that you've managed to download?I cleared cache and re-downloaded the upgrade files via Browser App. Start Mavic Assistant 2 (in my case I was using Mac version) Plugin the USB C cable (i did use a hq cable that I bought for my external SSD - didn't try the DJI one) Start up the controller - This made it showing up in the Assistant software right away. ) DO NOT interact with any dialogues popping up on the controller's screen.I went ahead and started the update process via Assistant software.

Ifor the past month I have been trying to update the latest firmware 0.400 even with DJI assistant 2 and no luck. I have been tolerating these issues, but when you get into 10-15 hours of attempting to get it to work properly it becomes unacceptable. Also I just tried to do another .0400 update through DJI ASSISTANT 2 because the smart controller popped up telling to do so.I recently had a remarkable buggy experience with a Phantom 4 Advanced so I think they are having serious quality issues lately. After purchasing a new Smart Controller I turned it on, logged on to my account and activated it.I also can't get past 0% on V. any further updates on this? Not sure if I can push an update through via assistant, I have yet to try. I was then advised by a popup that I should undertake a firmware update from version V to V0100.0400.It downloaded fine, but did not went ahead upgrading. I tried to start the process multiple times this way, didn't help. I connected it up to DJI Assistant 2 Mavic - no controller showed up.I turned off the controller every time and started via power button. Here is what WORKED in the end: Turn of the Smart Controller.

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Firmware downloaded just fine, but upgrade process stays at 0%. Have you tried to check if there was an SD card on the unit during the firmware update?

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