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Thailand dating blog

Step by step, Thai single girls’ qualities are not comparable with the qualities of other single women because girls from Thailand are trying to save their good characteristics and be a unique person.They are not rebelling but, at the same time, saving their culture’s old traditions and their personality means a lot to them.Finding a travel companion is just a matter of visiting bars until you find an available girl you like.Try bars which are not too crowded, or at least one where all the girls are not already preoccupied chatting or playing games with customers.Once you find a girl willing to join you, negotiate a price.You can expect her to ask for a minimum 2000 baht per day, plus the daily bar fine.A profile photo is not required, but you will get more attention, replies, and even offers if you include one.The best places to search for girlfriend come travel companions are places with a nightlife scene – like Pattaya, Bangkok and Phuket. I don’t expect you to get scammed, but it can and does happen.

Now there may be some scary stories about dating women in Thailand (like how some of those Thai women aren’t exactly women), but most of those are exaggerated out of proportion.Different cultures, opposite traditions, big distances, language problems – but even these things do not stop people all over the world from seeking their love on the opposite side of the planet.Nowadays, Slavic girls, Brazilian stunning women, European hot chicks are becoming good wives and mothers to the Western men.It is not a secret that the main religion in Thailand is Buddhism which can make some problems to the Western single men because of its traditions.Since the very beginning of the childhood, Thai girls are aware of existence their other half on this planet.

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At most bars a bar girl will start a chat with you or ask if you want to play a game.

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