Templates dating pro 2016

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Templates dating pro 2016

Our technology loads your posts and images just before becoming visible when scrolling down, which makes your site very fast and nice to read on mobile devices.When you install Hueman Pro, your Hueman theme settings and customizations are preserved even if you are using a child theme, and you'll get instant access to the following additional premium features : Visit the demo here.(*) also available in the Hueman Addons plugin (**) We release an average of 2 updates by months including new features, plugin compatibility fixes, bug fixes.

You can for example set a specific menu to your contact page, or set specific colors, layout, fonts, to any pages, posts, categories, author pages...

Hueman Pro includes a totally unique font customizer module ( worth as stand-alone plugin ), allowing you to instantly select and preview live 650 Google Fonts and 40 effects.

Any text of your site can be customized : titles, paragraphs, links, or even custom css selectors.

In Hueman Pro, you can set specific relations on a per-post basis, and display a mobile touch friendly carousel of posts.

The related posts load only when becoming visible on scroll, which allows you to display virtually as many related posts as you want without slowing down your website.

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