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Telepphone dating

It was adapted from the Birmingham model and would later be redesigned with a different window frame.

Many places would only have the kiosks in their own colours and in some cases, modifications were made to boxes.

A well known example of this was Eastbourne, which had 2 K1 kiosks with thatched roofs.

In 1923, the GPO held a competition to design a new kiosk.

The new design had one feature that would become fluent in the telephone box, a domed roof.

It is said that the idea came from a lantern at the Dulwich Picture Gallery.

Several designs from companies and architects were entered.

It was 1926 when the chosen design appeared, Sir Giles Gilbert Scott's K2.

It did have vandal problems though, so in 1939 a Mk 2 design came out with improved features to make them less of an easy target for the vandal.A selection of new designs that were to be the most perfect telephone kiosks you could imagine.The most commonly used design was the KX100 which was the kiosk design but also introduced were the KX200, a hooded unit, the KX300, a triangular unit designed to be used in groups and the KX410 & 420, phones on posts.For a brief time, the K8 was painted yellow but this didn't last and they were soon returned to red.Vandalism was always a problem with telephone boxes and during the 70s British Telecom made another modification to the K6, many kiosks had their glazing bars ripped out and had a single piece of glass put in like the K8.

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