Stop being intimidating 100 prime online dating sites

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Of course, everyone likes stories like this, but when you’re struggling with repeated rejections, it’s hard to not feel like you must be doing something wrong.

The trouble is, when you start blaming your singleness on some fatal flaw, you put yourself in a tricky position.

Well if you ever get this email man just send me a little advice I would sure like to know was I’m doing wrong. I’m sure you can see how you’re intimidating to women, when I put it this way: * Looks plus * Body plus * Status = * Intimidating See?

She said that the breakup was mature and honest, but was dismayed that the man gave her the same reason she’d heard many times before.

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And their answer mostly was I was too intimidating. I’m an alright looking dude, play D1 football in College, in shake u just don’t know anymore.