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Polio changed that abruptly when child after child went down in what seemed to threaten to become an epidemic. Winter in the north of the United States is always a time of trial to those whose business forces them onto slippery highways. Their device is a net- work which goes on the air each morning at . It got so bad that Paramount finally paid her off to not make any more pictures and Marlene, after sticking around Holly- wood for several months watting for offers and not getting any, departed for Europe.

Schools could not convene, yet it was the start of a new school year. Pasternak's cabled pro- posal to cast her as the rag, the bone and the hank of hair to be pulled apart in "Destry" was the biggest surprise of her life, and at first she shied away from it like one of Bing Crosby's race- horses from the wire.

Network stations and local stations, school- teachers, parents and students all cooperated to set up what was probably the first radio class- room of such magnitude. Certain subjects, for instance, re- quired that pictures be shown to students for full understanding. Marlene has all the money even she will ever need and didn't see why she should lead with her chin again, but Von showed her how Pasternak's seeming brainstorm DIETRICH'S a pool-playing loughie ' re, "Seven Sinners" MARLENE DIETRICH has always — until now — been misunder- stood. She never was that glamorous, gold -dusted, diamond-gilded lily of cinema alley that Hollywood tried to make her when she came to America, but was recently has become. “I’d gone to see Catherine’s Dad to ask permission, so I had been thinking about it for a while before I asked Catherine. I would like to go back there one day.”The couple describe the Village at Lyons as fairy-tale like .“The whole place has a magical feel and the second we arrived we both knew it was our perfect wedding venue,” Catherine recalls.AEA87BC2D5Y43T1 Marlene Dietrich's Good-by to Glamour The Role Radio Is Playing in the War as a Mender of Broken Hearts, page MOVIE -RADIO GUIDE: The National Weekly of Personalities and Programs How a Polio Epidemic Cave Birth to Better School Broadcasts |_|OW time has changed our educators, time and polio. They say that Benny and Allen, who started out in a spirit of good clean fun, have been pouting. STAR ON THE COVER: Christmas marks a particularly joyous season this year for singing starlet Gloria Jean, the twelve-year-old young- ster who looks back through the Christ- mas wreath upon a highly successful year in Hollywood. Eddie Cantor tries here to quiet the complaining Mr. As we write this, several hundred radio educators are gathered in Chicago in a conclave of importance to every person who listens to broadcasts, and that conclave, too, grew out of the passage of time and infantile paralysis. To deny that their below-the-belt blows at each other's conceits have hurt would be to deny human nature. Just a little over a year ago Gloria came to Hol- lywood as the pro- tegee of Universale starmaker, Joseph Pasternak, scored a smashing hit in "The Underpup," with Bing Crosby, and is cur- rently appearing in "A Little Bit of Heaven." Gloria won stardom in her second film. Gloria Jean 10/1 n N FOURTEEN-YEAR-OLD Jane Withers, veteran of many a success of the bread- and-butter variety, finally came into her own among Hollywood's "Big Budget- eers" when 20th C-Fox upped the budget on "Golden Hoofs." then an- nounced Janie's next as a high-budget musical.

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