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Serious russian dating in poland

In the wake of World War I, both countries were established as independent states, but their borders were contested.

In 1918 the Suwałki Region was claimed by re-established independent Lithuania based on cultural heritage and later 1920 peace treaty with Soviet Russia, but Poland officially insisted on dividing the area along the ethnic lines.

There are Lithuanian schools and cultural societies present in the area and the Lithuanian language is spoken in the offices in the commune of Puńsk.

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After 1815 the Suwałki Region was part of Congress Poland, in turn a part of the Russian Empire.

The Suwałki Governorate, which also included part of present-day Lithuania according to a Russian census conducted during the 1880s, was about 58% Lithuanian.

In the aftermath the Suwałki Region was left on the Polish side of the border, with a Lithuanian majority in the countryside around the Polish-dominated cities of Sejny (Lithuanian: Seinai) in the northeastern part of the region.

Most of the area was briefly controlled by the Lithuanian forces in 1919, and again in 1920 during the Polish-Bolshevik War.

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Despite the fact that a part of the disputed area was never under Lithuanian control, the Lithuanian authorities claimed that it consisted of three counties (see administrative divisions of Lithuania), that were illegally occupied by Poland.

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