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Sable was born in Buffalo, New York of Italian heritage.

Sable entered the pornographic film industry in 2004 after moving to Los Angeles.

In April 2005, Sable signed an exclusive contract with Wicked Pictures.

But they don't know that they put themselves in danger.

It's a small unit that holds I think no more than 300 men. They spend their days in a class room, programming as it's referred. If you didn't have a job it was more like a 2-6 month vacation. Jordan has a culinary arts school and so the food they eat at Baten is always good for TDCJ standards. He has been serving a 5 year sentence next parole date is October 3rd.

I don't think they make anyone stay at ISF for a total of 6 months anymore, it's more like 45-90 days now. He met with parole a few weeks ago at Middleton but hasnt heard an answer and online it says in review. Are all the men that are transferred there considered ISF...they are going home?

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All information & questions relating to parole, probation, work release & community service in the State of Texas should be posted here.

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