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You can’t really walk into a coffee shop and yell out “Any single Christians here? makes it possible to meet local singles that share the same beliefs and values as you.Using our site, you will be able to meet a cute Christians from the other side of town that you might never have met otherwise.You probably know many single Christians from your church, job, gym, etc.By signing up for, you will have the opportunity to converse and meet with single Christians of many different cultures, ethnicities, backgrounds, etc.Although Orthodox Christianity has a history of not messing with politics, this is not quite the case for any of the Ukrainian churches.

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While this percentage is pretty high, you will be surprised at how much Ukrainians respect the church and at the huge part it plays in their lives.

For an expat, the Ukrainian attitude toward religion might seem weird.

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There is a lot of superstitious beliefs and even sworn atheists follow rules like never leave your bag on the floor. Right now there are both Orthodox and Catholic Christians in Ukraine.

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