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Ice Poseidon's Twitch account was banned the next day.In a You Tube video he said that the ban was due to disclosing his location at the airport on a live stream before the flight.Ice Poseidon posts would occasionally reach the top of the front page of reddit.The mentioned streamers were taking an absence from streaming and thus this helped the initial growth of Ice, they have all since moved back into Ice's niche and become his competition, many have arguably have eclipsed ice in quality and runtime.*On 27 April 2017, someone falsely claimed Ice Poseidon was carrying a bomb on a flight to Phoenix.He and another internet broadcaster were removed from the plane, the FBI questioned him before releasing him.Much of Ice's community left; however, a new community has appeared to replace those that left.Paul's initial success as a streamer was all too similar to the "Ex-Wo W streamer phenomenon".

The open world sandbox game can be played alone or with friends online or offline depending on whether they’re playing on a console, a mobile device, or PC.

Many original viewers came from games such as Rune Scape or World of Warcraft and hadn't developed friendships or lives of their own.

As Paul had adjusted socially, becoming more normal; he became less like them, and the older community turned on Paul, subsequently leaving forever.

He gained his fame outside of the Rune Scape section shortly after the first Deadman tournaments for being one of the first streamers to adopt the mobile game Pokemon GO, and starting the IRL streaming craze.

These were usually solo streams, where Paul would talk to random people on the street and not really play pokemon go.

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The Purple Army gets its name from his Rune Scape clanchat's appearing as purple dots on the Rune Scape minimap.

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