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I have been invited out to Dinner; invited to Parties; invited out for a drink...list goes on.When this happens, I disconnect from the male member, shaking my head at their crass behaviour.I am not a miserable old 'man hater' - far from it.However, I think some men (and women too, apparently) would be wise to stop and think before they try and find "love" on Linked In!

The training program was excellent because it was a very systematic step by step process Radio laid out - everything from what to write in the messages to how many times to message a girl before asking for your number.

Let me take the "Is Linked In a Dating site for some members? I stress that this is not solely aimed at men sending inappropriate messages to female Linked In members; I am well aware that men receive unacceptable messages from women too.

For the purposes of this post though, I can only speak for myself, obviously.

As soon as I see a Message saying "I thought I would answer you directly...", I think "Oh aye..have got another one here".

I should stress that 95% of my male connections are fabulous!

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I am deliberately going to try my hardest not to write this article just about me, and whine like some "big girl's blouse" (as we say in England)!

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