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I’m not saying your can’t find hot chicks in Ecuador. All I’m saying is that it might not be worth your time.This is the best way to go, If you do want to travel through Ecuador or for some reason you find yourself in the country, I’ll give you a quick breakdown of places to go. You’ll find the most gringo hunting hunnies here – by far.In Ecuador, I recommend these sites: Latin American Cupid – If you really want to meet some hot girls in Ecuador, I recommend .The major cities will have some chicks online and they love gringos. Ok Cupid – I always use Ok Cupid when I travel because most guys don’t. And while I’m not a huge fan – the girls in Ecuador are not that [email protected]" Quinto previously dated Glee actor Jonathan Groff for three years until their split in 2013. I wouldn’t say I had high hopes for them, but I had some kind of “hopes” for girls in Ecuador and they quickly vanished.

Look at this: From Global Seducer: Oh, the white girls. She belongs to the You won’t see any of that on your first date with an Ecuadorian girl. She’s not your typical Latina, more the girl-next-door prototype. There’s just one big problem: The local slang can be a bit tricky.

And I still have no idea what happened to girls in Ecuador.

Ecuador is right in the middle of Peru and Colombia.

Extra strong Spanish Fly, get LAID, click here: h Girls in Ecuador are neither pretty hot nor are they that easy (this is quite relative).

Quite frankly – I found every woman I interacted with in Ecuador to be kind of boring.

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When making travel plans – I read reports online, check out a guidebook on occasion, and then go see what the country is like for myself.

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