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For businesses facing significant cash flow problems, liquidation can become a very real threat.

There are various procedures for liquidating a company: voluntary and compulsory.

Entering members voluntary liquidation will mean the notice will be published in The Gazette.

However, this is not considered an insolvency procedure in the same way as a CVL – proposed by solvent companies – but it will still result in business closure.

It is also important to understand the steps that must take place before the court is petitioned.

Again, it is worth pointing out that a court petition will only be presented if the liquidation is a compulsory liquidation.

The problem is there is no one size fits all answer to this problem although knowing whether the liquidation is voluntary and whether the company is solvent or not can help come up with an equitable solution.Many companies face financial issues at some stage on their natural life.You just need to look at the recent liquidations of some of the high street’s top shops, Toys r Us, Maplin, BHS, etc.The more the debt of the company, the longer it will take to complete the liquidation.Types of Accounts: What type of accounts the various directors and company also have, will definitely play a major role in the liquidation process.

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will be appointed and the directors will be required to cooperate with the liquidator’s every request.

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