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Pressure sore risk validating an assessment tool

They're most common on bony parts of the body, such as the heels, elbows, hips and base of the spine.

They often develop gradually, but can sometimes form in a few hours.

Get medical advice immediately if there is: Treatments for pressure ulcers depend on how severe they are.

For some people, they're an inconvenience that requires minor nursing care.

There are many risks associated with pressure ulcer development but, essentially, people with no impairment to sensation and mobility are unlikely to develop a pressure ulcer.

However, this could oversimplify the risk as it implies that the only risk factors are reduced mobility and loss of sensation, which is not the case.

Pressure ulcers cost the NHS an estimated £1.8-2.6bn a year (Posnett and Franks, 2007) (see Box 1 for a general definition of pressure ulcers).

A number of contributing or confounding factors are associated with pressure ulcers; the significance of these is yet to be elucidated.

Source: EPUAP and NPUAP (2009) Recognising which patients are at risk of developing pressure ulcers early on is an essential part of the prevention care pathway.

Risk assessment is not exclusive to the prevention of pressure ulcers; it is used in many aspects of life and healthcare.

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