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Phone jacker dating

Some of the stunts that will take place is for example the main host will interview pedestrians on the street, making them say a silly answer., better known online as Dillon The Hacker, was an American satirical You Tuber who made ranting vlogs. He primarily became popular because of his rant videos about Pew Die Pie, as well as other You Tubers like Vanoss Gaming, Smosh, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, and Pyrocynical. Kevin supports Henderson's videos and promotes his channel to help him gain more fans.Since then, Dillon continued making satirical rant videos on Pew Die Pie, the latter even featuring him on his channel twice, one time is a collaboration between the two.During the battle in 2018 between Pew Die Pie and the Indian music company T-Series, Dillon uploaded a video, stating he finally got a response from T-Series regarding Pew Die Pie.

The show spawned a slew of spin-off series and films.

Programmers created automated programs called Scripts, So they can compare followers of BGKumbi & Straight Up Street.

But after Dillon confirmed that BGKubmi & Straight Up Street are members of a hacking group called the Meme Krew.

At the start of the war, Dillon told 4chan: “This is your warning 4chan. After what Henderson said, members of 4chan started randomly putting images of internet cat lovers, porn addicts, and pranksters all gathered to hang out.

They ignored his warnings and found his address in Arizona.

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However, Dillon receives a video of himself stating that he is the one who founded T-Series in the 1980s with one goal in mind: to defeat Pew Die Pie.