Percentage young women dating older men

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At a certain point they will stop looking for a father, and start looking for a mate. You are attracted to maturity Older men have generally been through more ups and downs in their lives and therefore act more mature than their younger counterparts.Older men have made, or seen, all the mistakes made in the dating game and has, hopefully, learned what not to do.For younger couples this idea of giving up the spotlight is less than appealing.However, some women feel the pressure to have kids, yet truly have no desire to do so. You’re afraid of cheaters With more life experiences, generally come more relationships.

It’s important that we don’t generalize about age and what it means.

Women who have a history of being cheated on, most likely still hold a paranoia and deep emotional scar that they are scared to have re-opened.

Typically, older men are less likely to cheat, but be sure that that behavior is not in their past.

Some women seek to find a man that reminds them of their father, whom they loved and admired throughout their childhood.

On the other hand, some women, who lacked a stable male figure while growing up, might still be on the hunt for this leadership role in their lives.

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Some younger women grow tired of dealing with inexperienced younger men, and therefore this scenario is perfect. Chivalry is #1 If forgetting to pull out your chair or open up your door really is a deal breaker for you, then an older man might just be your ticket to chivalry-ville.

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