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A French man appears self-confident enough in himself and his masculinity to not feel the need to speak so loudly, or act so assertively.

There is no need for tickets to the gun show or the basketball game because we feel their “strength” through the way they hold and respect themselves, as well as us.

Many American women in their twenties can easily identify the type of man who cuddles with his muscle milk at night.Although I continue to witness the somewhat stoic personal emotions in French men, they still show that they care rather than having no emotion at all.The US “indifference” can be translated into the French “emotional upset.” This isn’t necessarily a teary-eyed emotion but they let you know that seeing that other person does bother them, which really signals that they care.The deep conversations first came as a surprise and I thought the person I had just met was maybe a bit dramatic or strange jumping into conversations of that depth.But it is an aspect that I now quite enjoy about French culture.

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So what starts out as drinks one night can turn into a whirlwind romance before the end of the week.