Parent dating advice

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Parent dating advice

Try not to take it personally – they probably would want to spend more time with you if they could.Use other means to keep in touch – texting, phone calls and emails and value the time you do get together.But like everything that seems too good to be true, he came with a big catch: His ex-girlfriend had just had their baby a few months before he and I met.This major detail should’ve caused me, a 22-year-old, to run away and never look back.As someone with an anxious attachment style, this was the most difficult part of dating a single parent.I assumed that every time Eric’s son was with his mom, we’d have a bunch of really great alone time. I took it personally when he needed time to debrief and be by himself.And yes, it's just as difficult.[editoriallinks id='2a609eae-1ec0-4336-b7ae-ea389402bdc9'][/editoriallinks]While I was pretty confident in my kid skills before dating Eric (I babysat and worked at summer camps with children for years), I quickly realized I don’t actually know anything about what it takes to * One day, Eric's son caught a stomach bug and cried whenever he wasn’t being held, which included bath time.Instead of just letting him cry in the bath, Eric got in the shower, fully clothed, and just held him.

If you know you need someone who’s going to drop everything and be there for you with emotional support when Sarah in accounting sends you another terse email, then know you might not be able to get that in a single parent.A few months into the relationship, I had one particularly stressful day at work and there was nothing I wanted more than to curl up on the couch with Eric and watch TV.But it was his only night off without work or his son, and he just didn't have it in him to spend it with anyone but himself.For me, that meant Eric's son's mom was often around.From coordinating weekend visits to fighting about doctor’s appointments, she was a constant topic of conversation in our relationship.

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This is true when you date a single parent because they don’t have a backup to rely on.

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