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When he said he wasn’t going to get paid until it was done, and expenses came up — there were customs problems, there were tariffs, there were things I wanted to know more about.

I would always ask, so I also got to know his attorney, whose name was Peter.

Looking back on it now, I’d love to be a fly on the wall to know how he did that. It just drew me into their family, and brought him into mine. He had a friend who was an engineer, and he was having trouble getting onto the [dating] website, and he asked if I’d mind sending a check into the company so he could start the dating process. The next time he asked was because he was getting paid, but the money was coming here to the states, and he needed to have a power of attorney for the banks over in London.

I used his sister’s conversations to find out more about him, and then I would ask him about her, because she lost a husband too, and I wanted to get to know her. It was extraordinary — I’d have these conversations with his sister and her son, and there was a difference in the way the son spoke, and the way the aunt spoke, which made sense. And I was like, “Well, sure, the more men, the merrier! When he asked me to help him out with it, I thought, What did he tell you those other early sums of money were for?

Well, then there was a delay, so I had to cancel the hotel.

That happened multiple times over those two years — there were plans for him to get here, and then he couldn’t. Having my own company, too, I realized that sometimes, you don’t get paid until you finish the job.

” — not knowing that I was just enabling another scammer to be credible on the dating site. They were for setting up the power of attorney, or for paying a tariff, or a customs dispute somewhere.

Given victims’ presumed complicity in these scams (because, technically, their money is given voluntarily), and the resulting stigma, it’s likely that online relationship scams are much more prevalent than even FTC reports suggest.So I figured well, heck, if it can work for them, then I can certainly try it.I’d never heard of anybody being taken by an online romance, I’d only heard the good stuff.The more I could do for him, the faster he’d be able to come home to me. And there was always the assurance that it would get paid back, and it was just a matter of time. He’d always assure me that this was going to be the last time. He said we’d get it back, and we’ll pay them really good interest, and so I — yours truly, the frugal Yankee who doesn’t give money away to anybody — I was so invested at that point that I talked to my dad, and my dad talked to my mom. ” Over the two years we’d had a lot of very spiritual conversations, so when he asked me that, I sort of put on my spiritual hat, and I told him how I felt.At some point, there had to have been a critical mass, where I had given so much to him that I had to keep going, because if I stopped … They gave me 0,000, which to this day is the only money I truly regret, because they’re 84 and 89, and I would love for that money to be in their bank account. But at that point, [I was also wondering], I’d had my husband confess one thing to me in our marriage, and it wasn’t very happy.

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He had a sister and a son who were in London, and they were going to come here with him for Christmas.