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New yorker magazine online dating article

Bascially, make the thing as big as the screen will allow and give the reader one button to push to keep reading.Even more maddening: after a short time, you have to re-login.The fascinating story, Vengeance Is Ours, tells of blood feuds in New Guinea and now two of the men described in the article as participating in those feuds say they have been falsely accused of “serious criminal activity” and “murder”.

(A: After precisely one page turn.) I’d also like the magazine to fill as much of my screen as it can but instead the size of the viewing window is constrained.According to reactions online, readers connect with how “Cat Person” realistically — and at times tragically — explores how we perceive sex and the people we decide to have it with.While many female readers have have have have have applaudededededed the story for its gripping authenticity, many male critics have have have have have resortededededed to mansplaining the reasons why its female protagonist might be a “terrible person” because she flirts with her her her her her customers………..“Cat Person” is a long read at just over 7,000 words.Flipping through the digital magazine is easy enough but reading cannot comfortably be done at the page-flipping size.But when you zoom in, you need to zoom back out before you can flip to the next page.

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Faced with no other option, we offered to pay the half-hour fee to park a car; his bemused manager finally let us through without charge. If you’re not a subscriber, you can sign up for four-issue trial or subscribe to just the digital version (~$40/year). When an article doesn’t appear for free on the New Yorker site, you’re directed to the article in the Digital Reader. The Bad and Not-So-Bad: The Digital Reader works on the i Phone…more or less.