My boss is intimidating

Posted by / 16-May-2020 06:08

He is someone management had to fall back on because there are no other options.You will notice that half of his motivational speeches in office meetings will contain a list of his past achievements, and the rest is utter claptrap.He is insecure, and too preoccupied with trying to always have things under his control.

He takes great pride in waving his power and authority around, not just in office but sometimes also at home.Read Also: 5 Characteristics “The Employee Of The Century” Has This boss gives you an impression that he has been thrown into a post that he is not fit for.This boss is possibly an employee in the company who had been promoted to be a ‘boss’ without the relevant qualities.This type of boss will welcome advice that will help him get his bearings, and if you can offer him substantial help, you can easily befriend him.Just don’t expect him to be lenient in the office, he has a reputation to build and maintain and he can’t make any false moves, or tolerate mistakes by his team members.

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A high-pitched boss gets satisfaction from watching his subordinates take his nonsense.

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