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Marriage and dating customs in guatamala

Contents of the engagement are more about mutual respect and love, showing filial piety for elders, good morality or inheriting fortune in future, etc.

After the witnesses check the duplicate betrothal contracts, they will sign the contracts with the seals of the two families and pass them to both sides.

Many couples try to buy a house and slowly expand it over time as their family grows as moving is not real common once a house is purchased.

Tibetan is a minority with unique culture in China. Wedding ceremony in Tibet is also different in different regions of Tibet.

If coming across patients carried, people who are dumping garbage or carrying empty basket, the greeting party deems it as bad omens.

If so, monks should be invited to chant scriptures for removing ill fortune after wedding days.

As people get into their 20s many people get more serious about dating and many Argentines are married by their early- to mid-20s.

The official wedding takes place at a governmental registry office with the wedding couple and a couple witnesses and close family, but no one else.

Here we just talk about the common wedding traditions in Tibet. Traditionally, if a man is interested in a lady, he will seek her age, date of birth and her zodiac attribute (i.e mouse, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, chicken, dog or pig).

With all the information on hand, he will consult an astrologist to check if her attributes are compatible with his.

When bride leaves, someone of the bride's family will hold a colorful arrow in one hand and a mutton leg in another, standing in any high place and shout out "don't take away fortune of the family" until the bride's greeting party is out of sight.

The convoy is usually led by the astrologist, who wears a white gown.

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