Lichen dating method dating pesonal

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Lichen dating method

In our case we are using this method to date stonewalls.

The Golden Age for stonewalls is said to be from 1775-1825Lichens, mainly crustose, grow.

Lichenometry is often the only way to find out when a stone wall was built. On dry days, lichens can become inactive and their metabolism can change significantly.' Lichens can live and grow almost anywhere under very harsh conditions.

They can even live in places like the Arctic and almost any other solid surface.

Lichens are very sensitive to pollution from the atmosphere which causes them not to grow in highly polluted areas.

Once one colony has been established, it makes it easier for other colonies to grow and flourish.The fungi are responsible for protecting the photosynthetic organism by producing a vegative body called a thallus.The photosynthetic alga produces carbohydrates and provides energy for itself and the fungal organism.There are three main types of lichens in New England: crustose (see Figure 1), foliose (see Figure 2), and fructicose (see Figure 3).Within these three categories of lichens scientists have found about 13,500 species of lichens on earth.

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Lichens tend to grow at a slow and regular rate, some only 1 millimeter per year.

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