Java image icon not updating Free bangalore webcam sex chats

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Java image icon not updating

I stick with ver=1.3 or v=1.2 because that works for me, but feel free to put anything you want.Hello, I have this window where I want to add a logout icon on the top right corner. I think that this situation will be common to a lot of applications and most readers will be familiar with programs like Microsoft Word where double clicking a file will open that file in Word.Before we get into the detail, I should point out that this post represents the beginning of a journey.If you see any errors or things to be improved, please point them out in the comments.

I have tried adding the logout icon like this: 1st Method import When someone is preparing a draw, Santulator offers the possibility to save the session, containing information about draw participants, out to a file.These session files have the extension and as part of this packaging work, these files need to be associated with the application.Where I point out problems here, this is no criticism of the hardworking people who maintain the various projects needed to package Santulator.And, of course, any mistakes you might find here are all my own.

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