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Itemupdating which wasn t

My goal was to have some code run on every document added to the library to modify the field values.

I was surprised by how much work was involved in getting it to behave consistently.

Item Added and Item Updating may each be called once, multiple times, or not at all, depending on what method was used to update the document.

So when the value of the custom field is calculated, you must use a formula that gives you the same result every time.

However, I needed to be able to insert the document ID value into a Word document as a field.

Sharepoint does not include calculated fields as part of the document metadata so using calculated columns was not a good solution for me. There are a lot of actions a user could take that should trigger my code.

Item Adding – Item Added – Item Updating – Item Updated – Item Deleting – Item Deleted – Item Adding – Item Added – Item Updating – Item Updated – Item Updating – Item Updated – Item Updating – Item Updated Yes, It actually called Item Updating/Item Updated three times when saving from MSPaint.

There are a lot of different events that are exposed for us to hook our code into.

Share Point supports several different paths for adding a document to a document library.

Each of these paths triggers events in subtly different ways.

See my previous post Share Point Event Handling – When do events fire?

I needed my code to be triggered no matter which action the user took.

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