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Is paul mccartny dating

sleeve, Paul Mc Cartney is out of stride with the other three Beatles, and is also the only Beatle barefoot.

These chance details would later be taken as principal pieces of "evidence" for a conspiracy theory that still inspires a significant literature to this day: that in late 1966 the real Mc Cartney had died in an accident and that at the time of this photo he had been replaced by an impostor who has played the role of "Paul Mc Cartney" ever since.

At the other side of it all, more often than not we discover ourselves to be who we already were.

That's one of the many subjects Mc Cartney will reflect upon in a series of conversations we have over these weeks—conversations that will sometimes turn out to be far more intense, and flat-out weirder, than you might expect. A raised stage is set up in Abbey Road's studio 2, and a couple of hundred people stand in front of it, more than a few of them familiar faces, these mostly consorting with one another in a cluster on the right-hand side of the room, among them Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Liv Tyler, Kylie Minogue, J. Abrams, Amy Schumer, British grime superstar Stormzy, Nile Rodgers, and naturally, Stella Mc Cartney.

It is not so difficult to get Paul Mc Cartney to talk about the past, and this can be a problem.

"We were mischievous little boys." But these days, Mc Cartney can sometimes sound almost wistful when he speaks about such things.And so that is how—and why—we spend most of the next hour talking about killing frogs, taking acid, and the pros and cons of drilling holes in one's skull.I suggest that nonetheless there must have been a moment, back in his teens, when he began to imagine."I think with Elvis appearing I did think, ' It'd be good to get a bit of that,'" he concedes. When we got together, we sort of started to dream that.Except that, on this occasion, the man doing so happens to be one of those original four walkers, following his own distant footsteps. Today, he is on his way to the studio where most of the Beatles' records were recorded, as well as a fair few of those he has made since, to play an invitation-only lunchtime concert.All of this—the concert (which, it now being 2018, is for Spotify), the video from the crosswalk (which, it now being 2018, swiftly radiates around the world from Mc Cartney's Instagram), and plenty else in the surrounding weeks—is to drum up excitement for a new Paul Mc Cartney album called If you imagine that by now Mc Cartney might have reached the point where he would relax and look back with cozy satisfaction on his life's achievements, only releasing new music just for the pure pleasure of it, happy to let it slip out into the world and find its own audience…well, then you're already very wrong about both who Paul Mc Cartney is and who he ever was.

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"And then I would try and make some kind of sense of the story.