Is holly madison still dating hugh hefner

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“I need to make a life for myself and have a family.”Hefner reportedly responded by asking Madison if she “was sure” she wanted to break up and tempting her with a sixth season of “The Girls Next Door.” She claims he also tried to guilt her into staying by asking if she wanted him to “have another stroke” and saying “that if he died it would be my fault.” "He wasn't above using his age and health as a tactic to get his way," writes Madison.

When she reconfirmed her choice, she said that she told him she wanted her “freedom” and to hang out with her girlfriends as she saw fit.

In the book, out June 23, Holly explains that dating the Playboy mogul "a man who was old enough to be my grandfather," drove her to despair.

She recalls lying in the bath at the Playboy mansion in 2002 contemplating drowning herself.

Hefner is estimated to be worth anywhere between and 0 million and much of his fortune is expected to go to his four children.

She says he accused her of having “an agenda all along” and slammed her for being a “different person.” After that conversation, Madison says she quit her job as a photo editor at Playboy’s Studio West.

Almost seven years later Madison and Hefner remain on bad terms.

What makes you think any of those girls will want to hang out with you if you aren’t my girlfriend?

"Hefner told a different story to People following their split.

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