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Intercompany dating

Denmark: If we receive a MT101, where the cut-off time has been exceeded or on a banking/national holiday, the payment instruction will be rejected and a new one will have to be made.If a MT101 is received with an execution day in the future, the payment instruction will be stored until execution day and then processed.Request for Transfer is an instruction sent via the electronic banking system of the domestic bank to debit an account held with another bank.The request may include payment instructions, such as Intercompany payments, third party domestic or cross-border payments.Nordea uses the SWIFT standard messages for FIN MT101 (Request for Transfer).If the required information is missing, the payment may be rejected.Benefits include improved liquidity management, fund transfers without loss of value days, convenient delivery times and funds available on the same business day.The Nordea Payment is a fast cross-border payment between two companies holding accounts with Nordea.

The Nordea Intercompany Payment is a cross-border payment between companies belonging to the same group and holding accounts with Nordea.

It is at the Customer Responsible Unit's full discretion to reject a payment earlier than the above stated.

The following will apply if your payment is received on a banking/national holiday or after cut-off time.

In case we send a MT103 to the receiving bank BIC address is required.

For cross-border payments correct BIC code / SWIFT address must be present.

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