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We have an incredible local beef program with RR Ranch from Washington and Idaho.

We also support many other local brands and products with the meals we serve.

We’ll ask you to confirm your current phone, address, and email and to tell us your notification preferences.As of last year, the company was a billion retailer with more than 360 stores in 26 Central, Western, and Pacific Northwest locations.When you use our Open Table ordering link (above) to make reservations at Jakers, Open Table will send you a “How did Jakers do?I enjoyed serving while going to college and thought this would be a good fit for my family. My husband encouraged me to finish college, but my reply was “Why, I love what I am doing at Jakers! I started as a server, became a trainer, then added cooking (I love cooking), hosting and bartending and part time managing to my schedule.Without the thought of becoming a full time manager I was obtaining the experience I needed to manage and now enjoy being the general manager. It is always a pleasure to visit with our guests, whether it’s there first visit to Jakers or one of our regulars who comes in several times a week. I also love gardening whether it be vegetables or flowers.

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