How to be intimidating

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With that kind of attitude, how are we supposed to make our colleagues—or as powerful people like to think of them, “future minions”—scurry away in awe and fear?Sort of a “no-makeup makeup” technique for getting people to do your bidding, if you will.We have all experienced that dreaded feeling of intimidation at one time or another.Whether we’re intimidated by a situation or a person, that feeling can throw us off balance and lead to devastating results. Forget NASA’s latest discovery, ending global warming, or the political climate… We have a famous narrative in Lebanon about a young couple and their camel.People around town see this and say, “Look at this stupid man. Most of us, when feeling stuck in a difficult situation, can only ever think about the situation itself. In fact, it’s your responsibility to speak up and to contact authorities if need be. I know it’s scary, but it’s the only way to break the cycle.He walks and lets his wife sit on the camel.” The next day, they switch places so they don’t get people talking. She lets her man sit on the camel as she does all the walking.” So they both decide to get on the camel. They put all their weight on the poor camel.” Finally, they both get off the camel and do the walking themselves, thinking that will stop all the talk for sure. We usually have a hard time thinking about anything else. Otherwise, the intimidator will continue this behaviour with others. The best way to handle any situation is to concentrate on what we can do to change it and what we can learn from it.We publish pieces written by outside contributors with a wide range of opinions, which don’t necessarily reflect our own. Thankfully, a new study, published in the June 2019 issue of the journal Psychological Science, is here to tell us how to hold our heads more intimidatingly.

Their findings, however, suggest that the downward head tilt may inspire intimidation because it mimics the appearance of a wider, shorter face. Well, in all honesty, and in my opinion, I think what you said is only about 50% of the problem. If you are doing any of them, well, cut it out, er or wait…Keep it up! We’re left scratching our head and asking ourselves a lot of questions.(Research has found that greater facial width-to-height ratios are linked with increased aggression in men, according to a 2015 meta-analysis.)Now, like Frankenstein’s monster, their discovery has been let loose upon the world.And the head-tilting technique outlined in the study seems very simple to achieve. ”You lower your head, taking care to suppress a smile.

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Even I feel a little intimidated by the super successful person. Now of course, if you know me, you will know that I am going to tell you to NOT stop doing any of these things just because you are scaring people away.