Friend dating non christian

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Friend dating non christian

I told my youth pastor about her because she wasn’t in the youth group.

I tried to convince him (and myself) that it would be good for me to date her so that she might come to youth group and become a Christian. A few years before this, my youth minister gave our youth group a lesson we called “the triangle talk.” This talk consisted of a triangle drawn out, and the guy on the left base of the triangle and the girl on the right base.

If he has a history like that you can leave religion completely out of it by telling him he is not exactly a shining example of successful relationships.

I'm now dating a trans guy and my very Christian mother sees him as female and wants me to get back with the old abusive boyfriend, never mind that my current love is the most stable, healthy, downright amazing person I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. But nope everything is connected to Satan somehow in her eyes Moms like yours don't care that the ex was abusive--they just care that they can pretend you're in a "proper" relationship.

This lady also thinks that Voltron is satanic because he has horns. Nowhere near as bad as yours, but my last boyfriend was a real jerk to me.

(I actually fell for this one myself as a high school and college-aged woman.) But since I now understand how important it is that we understand God’s truth on this subject, I decided to recruit a friend of mine to be a voice of reason. He just happens to be a handsome, funny college student who is currently serving as the youth ministry intern at my church. How do we convince them that they should only date Christians?

I asked him to read the parts of this blog where young women were talking about dating non-Christians. ” I think that Brice’s insights on this topic are wise and thought-provoking, and they may just be exactly what you need to hear as you search for truth in this area of your lives.

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