Female dating show and barbarie

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Female dating show and barbarie

The future of the internet is already here, Porn Hub and its affiliates are more or less Where People Go to find porn, and quite soon it may be that it’s the only place you can get to from your device.Queer porn will be further pushed into the shadows.The Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act, or FOSTA, passed without any real consideration of what the voting population, or sex workers, might think of it.It erases an early-90s regulation, the 1996 Communications Decency Act, which states that any third party (take for instance Craigslist) is not the author of, and so not legally responsible for, what gets published through its site.The 20 people or projects below represent the underrepresented, including polyamorous femmes, asexuals and disabled sex workers.Every one of them incorporates art and passion into their content and services, and every one of them is a worker in an underappreciated adult industry, one where queer people are generally ignored or marginalized.FOSTA removes this “safe harbor” and puts sites like Craigslist in legal jeopardy.The day FOSTA passed, Craigslist “regretfully” removed its personals section.

These are just two of the big blockbuster discoveries of the past year for me — I found a lot more, lesser-known, avant-garde, fashion-forward, daring and frankly perverted queer porn.

In Berlin, Dion De Rossi works on new clips and concepts for the project and manages their awesome social media presence.

Other performers include Leo Lander, a dandy baby-faced trans boy who switches it up and offers cam shows… The collective’s objective is to create powerful life-enhancing smut in conditions that reflect the performer’s identities and desires. I hope it inspires queers to partake in fun stuff like cam shows. Sluts 4 Sluts launched their website this year, so give them a visit, and follow Rooster XXX on Twitter to see everything else they do with indie porn studios around the world.

When I started making queer porn in 2002, the internet was a space where queers met each other and made things together, and we were outcasts and nerds for being so attached to our screens.

Now our tiny digital roads are highways, picking up speed in every direction.

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And while indie porn used to receive support and marketing from sex toy boutiques, the death of DVDs means those avenues no longer make up for the kinds of censorship indie porn faces on the corporate web.