Father and dating

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They understood that instilling the foundation moral rules would guide our actions long after we stopped egging cars.

If you fall into this category, here’s a universal truth you can relate to: raising kids is a lot of work!

This is why single dads need to maximize their free time, and not waste it on pointless dates with people who don’t match up.

The astute male picks up on both the subtle, and not so subtle hints from the women he encounters.

I’ve talked about trying to cut wood with a dull saw.

This doesn’t leave much time for a social life, leisure time or dating!

Not only do single, full time parents have careers and households to maintain, they have sporting events, school field trips and parent teacher conferences to attend.

Sometimes they feel like a full blown taxi service, just for their kids!

Whether you’re the mom or the dad, the duties are essentially the same.

Get the kiddo up for school and feed them breakfast.

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But there’s another reason to make room for your needs. My 8-year-old recently asked, “Daddy, is it fun to be an adult? Because you don’t want your children getting to know a pale imitation of who you really are. If you are a person who loves to play music, for example, it would be sad to find yourself talking to your 10-year-old kid, saying, ‘You never saw me do it, but I used to play a lot of music. It’s great for kids to have caretakers — besides you!

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