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Fast and quick free live chat with webcam

How to Screen Share on Browser with Go To Meeting Web App Go To Meeting Web App vs Desktop App: If you’ve used the desktop version, the control panel will look familiar.Click the screen icon and you’ll see a list of options to share.You can show your entire screen, or you can present a single application.Everyone else in the meeting will see your screen within their own browser.You can also invite co-organizers by typing in their email addresses.Invited co-organizers can start and host your meeting if you are not able to.You’ll see your scheduled meeting ready to start, share, edit, or delete listed right on your “my meetings” page.

Note that if this is your first time screen sharing in the web app, you’ll be asked to install the Go To Meeting Pro Screensharing extension.

You’ll find all your meeting controls in this panel and a list of the people who have joined the meeting.

For a More Detailed Overview of How to Start a Meeting with Go To Meeting, Follow The URL Below: https:// How to Schedule an Online Meeting on Go To Meeting Log in from Go To and click on “schedule” to get going right away. Choose if you’d like your meeting to be recurring, and select a date and time for your online meeting.

You won’t need to download Go To Meeting web app; there’s also no need to download the desktop version of Go To Meeting— with the web app, both you and your attendees can connect and collaborate faster.

To screen share on the web app, start your meeting at app. Go To Meeting will instantly launch the session in your Chrome browser window.

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“Labs” is a tab that allows you to see the latest additions to Go To Meeting including Sightboard which allows you to use your webcam to show your whiteboard to attendees as if they were sitting right in front of it.