Faculty dating policy

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The policy applies to all categories of standing faculty, associated faculty, academic support staff, and staff and students who teach, grade or have other academic responsibilities for students.Professionalism in the academy requires recognition by faculty that their positions come with authority and stature which convey power over students.The Penn Libraries offer an overview of Copyright Basics, as well as an FAQ on Copyright Issues.The University generally owns inventions and associated materials that are conceived or reduced to practice in the course of employment at the University or with a substantial use of University resources.In light of inequalities and asymmetries of institutional power, consensual sexual relations between faculty and students may involve unintended advantage-taking and manipulation.Sexual relations potentially compromise judgment and seriously undermine the climate of trust critical to the academic enterprise.

The Deans, the Ombudsman and the Vice Provost for Faculty may be able to help faculty resolve serious conflicts related to employment at Penn.

The University’s copyright policy describes applicable rules for copyrightable works.

In some cases, the terms of a sponsored research agreement may affect ownership.

All faculty members will be reviewed in their designated mandatory review years.

Rare exceptions may be made, but require the advanced approval, normally prior to the mandatory review year, of both the faculty member's Dean and the Provost.

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Consensual sexual relations can create the perception that faculty preferentially treat one student or category of students over others.

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