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By offering a money-back guarantee, De Angelo takes the risk away from the buyer.

He is effectively saying that the buyer can't lose.

I have no idea if this will actually help you "double your dating." But one thing's for sure: there's definitely a huge market for it.

And yet, they manage to date the most astonishing group of women: supermodels, actresses, you name it. De Angelo is the founder of a program called “Double Your Dating.” If you visit the website, you’ll see a whole host of information products – ebooks, DVDs, and even seminars and workshops.

A final thought: Lots of people think that customizing your message to your audience is everything.With the exception of Ross Jeffries, he was the first of his kind to put out valuable information products in the dating niche & quickly positioned himself as the go-to resource.His brand name & pen name were strategically made to be catchy (all starting with the word D) & he was a defining example of how to write compelling sales letters and make a killing on back-end sales (he sold about 20 higher-priced products).I walked through his entire sales funnel, including signing up for his free e-mail newsletter.Eventually, I began to see exactly why he was able to get so many sales.

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