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Don ts of dating

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For example, is finding someone who makes great money more important than finding someone who lives within his means?

Don’t: Be a critic Raise your hand if the following scenario sounds familiar: You’re on a date with someone new, and instead of being present and actively getting to know the person seated across from you at the coffeehouse/restaurant/cocktail lounge, you’re stuck in your own head judging your date. And if so, you may have walked away from what could have been a great date because your inner critic got the best of you.

While you may think your inner critic is merely pointing out relationship red flags, what it’s really doing is sabotaging your ability to get to know someone new, someone who a great guy if you gave yourself a chance to get to know him.

Once you’re in your target-rich environment, don’t forget to smile and circulate!

Don’t: Drag excess baggage on dates Just as you shouldn’t have to date a guy who lugs his emotional baggage wherever he goes, you shouldn’t be That Girl either.

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) The best way to avoid a dating rut is to get “out there” on a regular basis.

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